About Us

Renu Chainani is a highly acclaimed innovative interior designer. From the beautiful country of India, Renu is based out of Bombay and draws inspiration from the love of beauty of her culture. Renu’s international lifestyle of travel has lent a fresh and crisp vibe to her style. She has been educated in the subject of interiors at the KLC of Design in Chelsea Harbour, London. She then launched her first luxe interiors company: Eastern Treasure Lifestyle. She took ‘ETL’ to great heights as she was a pioneer in Bombay for the style she embodies in her leather line & interiors. Her statement has always been one of “international chic” and “less is more”.

Renu has been enriched with more than fifteen years of work experience with a roster of A-List clientele in India, the UK, US and Dubai. At this juncture, she has revamped her brand and focus to ‘a back to basics’ product lines. She is not only a curator of products but a stylist of space. Her new and evolved company is called: Ren Home. The name is a spin off her first name: Renu & it also can be translated as ‘love’ and ‘lotus’ in Japanese. Quite fitting for this dynamic, jet setting interior designed, whom most of her clients call a loyal friend.

She is currently based between Singapore & Bombay and looks forward to expanding & being inspired by her new home in South East Asia.

Ren Home’s company culture will continue to upscale its focus on client services: delivering to them an outstanding product, space and international quality. Renu has a well-trained but also naturally aesthetic eye for quality, craftsmanship, furnishings and textiles. She is widely recognised for her crisp, timeless style that remains fresh year after year.